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Hello. My name is Harriet. I am a certified Health & Wellbeing Coach, and Heart Math Coach, living in Leamington Spa, and my mission is to bring people together, to nurture their health and happiness.

Menopause & HeartMath Coaching

Better Together Supper & Lunch Clubs

Nurture Club

Group Coaching

I can help to connect you with other women having similar experiences, and enable you to carve out the space to focus on your own needs. I will support you to develop greater self-compassion, and will empower you to create TINY, intentional, self-prescribed lifestyle habits that will help to improve your health, boost your energy and your mood, and help you to reduce or manage your stress.

Menopause Support

I run regular 4- week Menopause Groups, because this can be a particularly challenging time for many women as their bodies undergo huge physiological changes. It is so important not to feel alone when we are facing any challenge in life and this is especially true of the Menopause. It is very powerful when you bring women together during this time, and it is a real privilege to create the space for  women to gently nurture their wellbeing together.

Learn to reduce or Manage your Stress with HeartMath

I also run regular 4-week HeartMath programs. I am passionate about helping people to reduce stress and overwhelm through HeartMath breathwork and emotional regulation techniques. I am delighted that we have now also created a space for people to come together and practice HeartMath techniques through our monthly  ‘Lunch with a Heart’ Lunch Club . Please read my latest blog about it here.

Nurture Club

Health and wellbeing is very much an ongoing journey, not a destination to reach, so I wanted to create a space for people to receive ongoing connection, support and accountability. Our weekly Nurture Club provides just this! I am very proud of the strong emotional connections that have been formed in this very special group, and I would sincerely love to see Nurture Club ripple out into the world. Please feel free to read more about Nurture Club here

Better Together Supper Club

If you enjoy all things wellbeing, especially delicious and nutritious food, we would be delighted to welcome you to our popular monthly Supper Club in Leamington Spa. My dear friend Lexi and I are passionate about bringing people together to eat, connect, learn, and be inspired about all different aspects of wellbeing from a wide variety of speakers. Please visit our events page for upcoming Supper and Lunch Clubs… 

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Perhaps you’d like to meet other like-minded people and learn about many different aspects of health and wellbeing from a wide variety of experts?

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Perhaps you’d like to read more about health & wellbeing, and discover new healthy recipes…

All of this and more is possible with Harriet’s Healthy Living

I provide:

Individual and group Health Coaching & Specialist Menopause Support & HeartMath coaching

Weekly Nurture Club

Monthly ‘Better Together’ Supper Club

Monthly ‘Lunch From The Heart’ Lunch Club

Healthy Inspiration through my regular blog & my monthly newsletter


  Well, what a lovely week to reflect upon work-wise last week. It started with a lovely Nurture Club session on Monday where we talked about play, and it finished

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I believe it is possible to discover a healthier version of ourselves; to experience good health through our simple daily choices and habits; to get so much more out of life when we feel healthier and happier.

   “Harriet creates a safe space that encourages introspection and self discovery. This has allowed me to make subtle tweaks in my life that have dramatically improved the quality of my life.’

   Nurture Club Feedback