Discover a healthier and happier you!

Create healthy habits that last

What's stopping you from being your healthiest self?

Maybe you feel guilty taking time for yourself and always put others first?

Maybe your health is always last on your long to do list?

Perhaps you’ve tried, but seem unable to make your healthy habits stick?

Maybe it’s just seems difficult, and you don’t know where to start…

What if I told you that small simple changes can make a huge difference?

Take back control for good

Changing behaviour is difficult but, 

What if I told you that small simple changes can make a huge difference? As a health coach, trained in behaviour change, I can help you to create sustainable healthy habits that last.

I will guide you to create realistic goals that are meaningful to you, support you, and celebrate your successes with you along the way.

I will empower you to take back control of your health for good

Giving yourself permission to nurture your wellbeing has a huge impact on your health, as well as positively impacting those closest to you.



Let me show you how to feel great, full of energy, and to start living the life you deserve.

When we are healthy, we have more energy to do the things we love and spend time with people we love.

Virtual Health Coaching

With these programmes you will:

Discover how healthy lifestyle choices can positively influence your health, your energy, and your life!

Turn these healthy habits into behaviours that last.

Step 1

Schedule a free introductory session to learn more about the process and ensure I am the ‘right fit’ for your needs.

Coaching is a partnership and it’s important you are 100% happy!

Step 2

6 week 1:1 or group ‘Energy and Mood Recharge’ Program

6 week bespoke 1:1 Program

* New 6 week program: Empower Yourself in the Peri- Menopause and Menopause

Empower Yourself in the Peri-Menopause

A 6 week coaching program

Program Details

Reduce stress and overwhelm

Adapt to your changing hormones with simple lifestyle changes

Feel like yourself again!

Discover the power of support and accountability for creating change. Create simple, enjoyable and sustainable habits that are meaningful to you!

Please book a free 45 minute introductory coaching session here:

“Harriet is a wonderful Health Coach. She cares deeply about helping people achieve change and growth. I felt deeply listened to after a session with her and it was cathartic! I highly recommend her services.” – Elizabeth