I firmly believe that we all deserve to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives and all of that and more is possible…

My background

My name is Harriet. I qualified as Nutritional Therapist back in 2006. I set up Harriet’s Healthy Kitchen in 2017 to help people in a very practical way with their diet and have created several different initiatives since.

My original mission with Harriet’s Healthy Kitchen was to show people that simple dietary changes can have a big impact on health and wellbeing, which of course they can. However, I am also acutely aware that eating a healthy diet is only one element of a healthy lifestyle, and through all my various collaborations over the past few years, Harriet’s Healthy Kitchen became about so much more than food.

Harriet’s Healthy Supper club has been a real highlight for me and I have learnt so much from all the brilliant speakers I have welcomed to the Supper Club, and from all the wonderful guests I have welcomed round the table over the past couple of years.

I have always been passionate about food, people, and health and wellbeing, so I have got so much pleasure from bringing all these elements together and connecting with like minded people.

My mission

However, I felt that there was still one element missing, and that was the opportunity to support people to turn that healthy inspiration into action. Sometimes it takes more than a little ‘in the moment’ inspiration to make real change.

As a Health Coach I am now able to support people to turn health inspiration into action.

I firmly believe that we all deserve to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives and all of that and more is possible…

The key is to slow down and be kinder to ourselves and explore the world of possibilities that are available to us.

I also think strong social connections are vital to our health and wellbeing which is why an important part of my work is about bringing people together, and why I am passionate about group coaching.

‘When we see ourselves as part of a connected tapestry of wider meaning, we feel much better about our lives.’

Johann Hari

Menopause Support...

It is crucial that we make time to nurture our health and wellbeing at every stage of our lives. However there are times in our lives when that is even more important. During the Perimenopause and Menopause women experience huge physiological changes, and it is vital that they take time to nurture their health and wellbeing during this time to adapt to these changes.  It is a real privilege to offer special support to women at this time, and to bring women together to support each other through my ‘Find the Pause in the Menopause’ 6-week group coaching program.