Nurture Club

Nurture Club

Health and Wellbeing is very much an ongoing journey, so I created Nurture Club to provide weekly ongoing connection, learning, support and accountability.  We meet online which makes it easy for everyone to join wherever they live. However, we also meet up bi monthly and enjoy various wellbeing activities together such as cooking and other creative workshops. I am very proud of the strong emotional connections that have been formed in this very special group, and would sincerely love Nurture Club to ripple out into the world. Please read my blog here to find out more.  Making lifestyle change at any stage in our lives takes time and patience, but it is so much easier when you have the support of a coach or like-minded tribe!


Nurture Club in the Workplace

For the past year I have also been running Nurture Club at a local GP surgery for their staff wellbeing. My heart is always bursting after these sessions and working with these women is an absolute privilege.  Many organisations try and tick the ‘wellbeing box’ for their staff with wellbeing information, but gifting your staff the time to focus on their own needs is a very different thing! Dr Kirti is committed to investing in the wellbeing of her staff because she values them, and cares deeply about their wellbeing. It is a wonderful culture that she has instilled and that has rippled down into all these other wonderful women who were already supporting each other brilliantly. As one of the brilliant women in the group expressed beautifully, ‘this is what real wellbeing is.’ 

I would be delighted to take Nurture club out into more organisations so please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your workplace wellbeing needs.

 “Nurture Club has really supported me in making changes to my lifestyle. It has taught me to share my feelings, given me encouragement, and lifted me up on down days. It is really great knowing I am not in it alone, and to know I always have the support of the team.”

   Feedback from St Wulfstan’s Nurture Club