The keys to contentment?… Connection, Compassion & Curiosity

Do you ever struggle to manage your emotions? I would consider myself to be a naturally positive person, but I like everyone else, do struggle with negative emotions at times. Over the past year we have all undoubtedly experienced more negative emotions than usual but it is how we manage them that is crucial. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to reflect on this over the past few months.

Irritatingly we are actually hard wired to think negatively- it is a protective mechanism we have developed to keep us safe, but once we understand that, we can learn to smile gently to ourselves, connect with those feelings, develop self- compassion, and approach ourselves with a curious mind.

If we can simply acknowledge that we all experience negative emotions at times because we are all HUMAN, then we  can give ourselves permission to feel our emotions, to acknowledge, accept and learn ways to manage them.

I have been on a profound learning journey myself this past couple of months and have learnt so much both about myself and about how I can support others to help themselves!!

You have everything you need inside of you if you just give yourself the space to pause, reflect, ask yourself the right questions? We have an incredible power within us if only we allow ourselves to tune into our instincts, and approach everything with a curious mind.

I have been incredibly privileged to have had coaching from the brilliant Suzy Glasky this past couple of months and it all started with a powerful session on the day the kids went back to school after home schooling.

I remember so clearly Suzy saying repeatedly during a wonderful EFT session, ‘You can be soft and strong’ I had really struggled with home schooling and found it particularly difficult to help my youngest son to manage his emotions. If only I had read the brilliant book Suzy recommended ‘The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read’ before lock-down or indeed listened to the simply brilliant podcast with Professor Marc Brackett, I  might have been better able to provide a container for his emotions or to help him develop strategies. Luckily, it is never too late, and with this new insight I am learning to become better at both of those things.

I also started running my own 6 week individual & group coaching sessions at the time. As I relaxed more and more into the sessions and learnt to step back more and more and meet people ‘where they were at’, I  was so privileged to witness the incredible power of them all giving themselves permission simply for a little of what they needed. The more coaching, I do, the more I understand so clearly that everyone knows what they need if they allow themselves the time and space to pause and tune into their intuition.

So long I have struggled to forge a career for myself and felt the need to be an ‘expert’ in one thing or another, and I am now enjoying wonderful freedom from realising that I am on a journey of lifelong learning!

It is so wonderful to be able to let go of  trying to ‘fix’ those negative emotions that surface sometimes and to accept that they are perfectly NORMAL human emotions. My role as a coach is to share this important message and to provide the space for people to explore what they are feeling, to ask questions, to empower them to get curious about what they need, and help them to discover a range of strategies… When we are able to do that we can see that so much is possible!

I have been noticing lately that so much of my work starts with a C… cooking,  coaching, connection, collaboration. However, Suzy this week, reflected that she witnessed a new C in me…  which was ‘contentment’. I have been sitting with this all week, and it is resonating deeply. You see contentment is not about chasing perpetual happiness, or that elusive ‘final destination’ where everything is ‘perfect’. To me contentment is about connection, (to ourselves, others and the world), compassion (for ourselves and others), and lifelong curiosity!!

I would like to express huge gratitude to Suzy for demonstrating so beautifully the power of coaching. Suzy also hosts the most fantastic podcast too which I would recommend everyone to tune into, especially this week’s brilliant one on ‘The healing power of nature.’

I would also like to thank those clients who I am so privileged to support on this journey of connection, compassion and curiosity.

If you would like an opportunity to pause and get curious about your health and well-being, please do reach out. I currently have a few spaces for a Free Introductory Coaching Session, or would be happy to simply have a quick Cuppa and Chat. Please do click on the links. I would be delighted to support and guide you to discover what you really want, and perhaps more importantly what is possible!

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