A very special Supper Club. The power of sharing stories, nature, creativity, and living an authentic life.

Supper Club is always special to me, but this week’s has had such a big impact on me, so I decided to write a blog about it

It was such a bold and brilliant example of two women living an authentic, creative life.

Firstly, there is Lexi. Lexi has quickly become a very dear friend to me since we started collaborating last year. Whilst I saw the growth of the Supper Club as something to be feared ‘cooking- wise’, Lexi saw it as an opportunity that she wholeheartedly seized with both hands.

This Monday was a brilliant example of Lexi’s world… I smile now as I think back to reading her text on Monday lunchtime ‘ I have just been collecting and sticking flowers all morning……’

(to create an equinox display: the beautiful picture that accompanies this blog)

‘….I best get down to cooking now.’

My heart skipped a beat momentarily as I asked, ‘ you are just starting now?’ but she simply said ‘don’t worry, I did some prep yesterday!’

It was therefore even more extraordinary to see the incredible Costa Rican feast that she so effortlessly produced on Monday evening.

She knows Geet Fateh(Our Speaker) well and thought nothing of rustling up a Costa Rican feast for 30 people. Eating the rainbow has never been so beautiful or delicious! She is just such a remarkable talent that I don’t have enough words for and will be forever grateful that she came into my life.

She is just such a wonderful example of someone living an authentic and creative life.

Which brings me nicely to our incredible guest speaker, Geet Fateh Kaur.

Geet Fateh came to the Supper Club from the early days where we sat together around a large table upstairs at Temperance so it was wonderful to invite her as guest speaker. Her life has changed beyond recognition since then however, but thankfully in a good way.

She started her session on Monday evening by bravely and openly sharing the dark, suicidal times that she was experiencing back in December 2019. In this incredibly moving story she explained how she had spoken out into the universe for help  ‘please tell me what to do, I do not want to live like this anymore’ and how she was answered by numerous signs that kept showing up in her life pointing her towards Costa Rica, which eventually led to a life changing trip in that first week in March 2020, a month which we will all never forget.

She describes that time in Costa Rica as enabling her to view life in HD again as she connected back to the deep healing properties of nature, and as the start of what was to become a powerful transformation…

She returned to the UK and started to follow this new found inspiration for life which led her into healing communities and learning opportunities everywhere, and ultimately to sound healing. When things started to open again she attended community events where she was invited to lead healing circles and sound sessions whilst she was initially oblivious the power of her healing gifts… ‘What me? I’m not a healer?’ However as she started to experiment with crystal bowls and gongs, it started to fall into place and she quickly started to understand, as she was simply told ‘this is your medicine.’ She believes wholeheartedly that sound healing found her, not the other way around. She also believes that that trip to Costa Rica and the subsequent events quite literally saved her life. It has given purpose and meaning to her life as she continues her own healing journey but is also able to powerfully share her healing gifts with her community.

It is an ongoing spiritual journey of self-discovery and growth, but one that has enabled her to live life from a place of absolute authenticity. It is a remarkable and inspiring story that I am sure moved us all. I will forever be grateful for her for sharing her story so bravely and so vulnerably because it will have helped so many.

I smiled as Dr Chatterjee’s quote appeared in my social media feed the following day,

‘Once you start pretending to be someone you are not, to gain the approval of somebody else, you put yourself on a slippery slope. Before long, you end up living a life that is not your own and you wonder why you feel so unhappy. A happy life is an authentic life.’

As well as sharing her powerful story, Geet Fateh also shared her beautiful healing gifts with us all. She took us through a wonderful sound immersion with Angelic Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and the magnificent Ancient Acoustic Healing Gong. It was an incredible session which had a powerful calming effect on everyone in the room. Sound vibrations work at a deep cellular level and have the power to release any energy blockages that might be trapped in our bodies. It certainly had a powerful calming effect on my nervous system, and I would thoroughly recommend exploring all the group sessions she holds all over the Warwickshire area. Please click on the link to find out more and to learn more about all the powerful healing benefits of sound immersion sessions.

I am incredible grateful for everyone I have met and continue to meet through the Supper Club. It is an absolute privilege to hear people’s stories and their journeys to wellbeing.  True health and wellbeing means different things to different people, and everyone will find their own ‘medicine’ and their own ways to heal.

However nature and creativity are both powerful medicine, and we can all also access this in different ways. For Lexi it includes creating beautiful food, creating art with flowers, painting mandalas, and writing poetry. For Geet Fateh it is about exploring nature and expressing herself through sound. Both nature and creativity are available to us all if we allow ourselves space and time to explore it….

I am forever reminded about Eckhart Tolle’s beautiful book, when he states simply.

‘Nature can show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our own minds.’

I am also reminded of the powerful podcast with Bruce Lipton, where he simply states,

‘We are creators. We came to create.’

One thing is for sure, although incredibly powerful, real health goes way beyond food, movement relaxation and sleep….

There is so much to explore and to learn in life. It is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, and when we lean into that life becomes so much richer.

I remember David Hamilton saying once to just follow your inspiration, and I did that for many years, with the Nuffield food group, sharing food and recipes every month, never knowing where the journey would take me. Its been quite a journey over many years and long may it continue.

If you ever feel lost, I would urge you to simply slow down, connect with nature, and start to follow your own inspiration or intuition.  I would also urge you to express yourself through creativity, whatever that looks like to you… Once we start to trust in the power of the universe, magical things start to happen… Strangely I had already chosen creativity as the theme of next week’s Nurture Club, as requested by one of the beautiful women in the group. The universe works in remarkable ways, and  I can’t wait to open up that discussion.

Thank you so much Lexi and Geet Fateh for the most wonderful Supper Club on Monday night. Thank you Geet Fateh for sharing your story and gifts with us all, and Lexi for always bringing so much joy and nourishment to Supper Club every single month. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

If you would like to join us at next month’s Supper Club we would be delighted to welcome you. Please just click here to book your tickets. I really hope to see you there,

Harriet x







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