Be ‘At Ease’ To Prevent Disease.

I have learnt so much from the Supper Club and all the brilliant speakers I have been fortunate to collaborate with. This is especially true of last week’s guest, Su Menon. I have learnt so much from her in so many ways since I first met her earlier this year. Su is a holistic fitness teacher running fitness classes and retreats, and she brings a wealth of experience, creativity and knowledge to everything she does. She has had a profoundly positive impact on me and I always leave her calmer and inspired every time. Su Menon

She has a background in Ayurveda, and this was the focus of the Supper Club at Temperance last Sunday. It was fascinating to learn about Ayurveda and a really enjoyable experience for our guests making Ayurvedic pesto to accompany their lunch. 

Despite all her knowledge she really believes in simplicity and the power of nature. I must admit to having felt nervous at the prospect of cooking for an Ayurveda themed lunch. However, Su in her infectious, kind and gentle manner simply said, ‘Just do what you do.’ For her eating locally sourced, and seasonal plants is key when it comes to a healthy diet. Despite being a vegan herself she doesn’t insist that everyone adopts this approach. She, like me just believes that everyone can benefit from simply eating more vegetables. I am therefore more mindful than ever of eating seasonal, local produce, and am planning to get more involved in helping at my neighbours’ allotment and the community allotments where we get our weekly veg bag. 

However, I think the biggest thing I have learnt from her which is monumental, is to be more at ease with myself. I remember clearly my first few meetings with her where she said, ‘people just need to relax more and feel less guilty.’ She also very kindly said numerous times ‘you have it all already.’ I know many of us struggle with this ‘guilty’ feeling and that feel of just ‘not being good enough.’

Strangely, the Dr Chatterjee podcast last week mirrored so much of Su’s wisdom. He interviews Peter Crone who helps people achieve their potential and also happens to be an Ayurveda Practitioner! Now I am a huge fan of these podcasts, of which there are now about 80 something. I also have numerous highlights, but this one is a truly significant episode in my opinion. Both Dr Chatterjee and Peter Crone concur that we can’t have physical wellbeing without mental wellbeing. Peter Crone believes that true freedom is when we free ourselves from our self-limiting beliefs that we are not good enough. It is a fascinating and empowering podcast which I would urge everyone to listen to. There is too much to relay here but what he does say which is really insightful is that disease occurs from a state of ‘unease with our situation and resistance to our current way of life.’ Being at ease can truly help us to avoid disease. Dr Chatterjee Podcast

I have always been very grateful for my life and everyone in it, but through the supper club and working with and learning from many brilliant people like Su, I feel I am finally beginning to feel more at ease with myself, and I am so grateful for this.

Peter Crones advice at the end of the podcast is to slow down, breathe and be gentle with yourself.

The Supper Club is the place to do just that and we will be continuing this theme with next month’s Supper Club.

I am delighted to welcome the lovely Julia Michell to give a taster Tai Chi session and share all the benefits of this ancient martial art. Please do come and join us for the final Supper Club of the year!












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