What makes you feel alive?

It’s that time of year when most of us have an opportunity to pause and to reflect on what we have learnt this year.

I think over the past year I have learnt to appreciate things and to never take anything for granted more than ever before. I imagine everyone can resonate with that having lived through a global pandemic these past couple of years.

I imagine we can all also think of special people in our lives who are going through really tough times and who remind us daily to appreciate life. I have one dear friend who constantly inspires me with her love, kindness, and bravery, and her capacity to find moments of joy in every day….

However, it is perhaps these very qualities, and her joyful approach to life that has given her the strength to approach her challenges as she has. She demonstrates so beautifully what life is all about… love, kindness and joy….

It is so important that we do not wait for life changing events to take place to stop and reflect on our lives. Life is a precious gift, and something we must never take for granted……

My friend said to me earlier this year… ‘…Does it make you feel alive?’… such a simple phrase, but so powerful, and it has stayed with me for months after…

I ask people a lot of questions in my role as a coach and asking questions is very powerful. However, we can all start to ask ourselves questions, and it can be a really useful tool…

During my short daily morning journaling practice, I ask myself a couple of simple questions, including ‘What’s important today?’ ‘Where’s the joy?’ and before I go to bed, I ask myself… ‘What am I grateful for?’.

Sometimes we have a tendency to overcomplicate things, to over think things, and to make life difficult for ourselves. However, asking the simplest questions can help us to get clarity and regain perspective.

Life is a gift, and it is just so crucial that we pause often to appreciate it, and to enjoy it as much as we can…

It is so clear to me that finding joy in life is such a crucial part of our wellbeing.

It is also clear that if we want to make any healthy changes, it is so much easier, and we will achieve so much more if we are happy and relaxed, and also that we will only ever stick with anything we enjoy…

However, it can be difficult to make changes on your own, which is where having a health coach for guidance and support can really help.

So, if you would like any support with improving your health and wellbeing this year please do get in touch. Through my 1:1 and group programs I can help you to create the healthy lifestyle that is meaningful to you, and that you enjoy.

If you would like to book on for a virtual gifted 1:1 session, please click on the link, and please feel free to share with anyone else who you feel might be interested. Thank you.

Wishing you all the best health and happiness in 2022,

Harriet x




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2 Responses

  1. Absolutely beautifully written!!!! You have certainly helped and inspired me!!! You have the kindest heart!!!!!💕🥰💗

    1. xxxx I honestly think your capacity for finding joy is just beautiful… we need to find something to replace the joy of strictly!!! let me know!! sending you so much love xxxx

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