Turning inspiration into action

‘We could all use a health coach’

This was the title of a New York Times article last week. Please click on the link if you would like to read it!

Clearly, I am a huge fan of coaching so I would wholeheartedly concur. However, I don’t think that many people are aware of the power of coaching, so I thought I would take a moment to explain why I became a coach and why I am so very glad I did!

So, I have been running my ‘Healthy Supper Club’ for a couple of years now. I bring people together to share a wholesome meal, and to be inspired by a guest speaker. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one and I always leave as inspired as the guests that join me round the table. I feel so strongly that we can all learn so much from each other.

However, I have often wondered how much of that inspiration turned into action when people returned to the comfort of their own homes.

You see in order to make a real and sustainable change to our lifestyles; it is crucial that we create healthy habits.

I imagine we can all remember back to a time when we started a new ‘health regime’ full of motivation yet found ourselves back to square one when the motivation wore off. However, I imagine we can also remember a time when everything did fall into place! Perhaps we found that new exercise class or sport that we really enjoyed? It is likely that this has remained a regular ‘action’ on our weekly to do list! The point is, if we find something that is meaningful and enjoyable, we will incorporate into our lifestyles! It can easily become a habit that we don’t even have to think about!

However,  change is difficult! It can be difficult to find the time or the motivation to make change at times. It can feel overwhelming! Which is why very often people stay stuck, and this is where coaching can have a real impact!

The first step, as with all things is awareness, and giving yourself  the opportunity to get clarity around what you need.

Most of us have good friends who are there to listen when we need to talk something through… How often have you called upon your friend, or been that friend for someone else? Can you remember how much better you felt when you got that important clarity and perspective?

So just imagine for a moment how good it would be to gain that sense of clarity around your health and well-being, and to feel calm and in control again? How would it be to find ease, energy, and enjoyment in life again?

So much can be achieved when we take the time to pause and ask the right questions….

As a health coach I can help you to get that clarity and to create those healthy habits. The beauty of habit change is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming… the smallest simplest habits done consistently can have an enormous impact on your health.

It has been such a privilege to witness my clients being empowered as they put this inspiration into action, and to celebrate with them as they experience huge shifts in their health, well-being and happiness.

So perhaps predictably, the next chapter in ‘Harriet’s Healthy Living’ is to bring it all together!!

I currently take people through my 6-week individual or group health coaching program. I then provide fortnightly or monthly follow up coaching sessions to keep people on track because it can take time to create habits, and coaching is about continued learning and growth.

I am also now creating an additional program to specifically support women during their menopause years.

However, as I also feel so passionately about  the power of social connection in our health and well-being, I am keen to add group coaching to what I offer as part of my ongoing support.

I am therefore currently planning a monthly membership club to bring people together to support each other. This will include a combination of 1:1 and group coaching sessions, and an online community for continued support and accountability.

If you would like further information, I would be delighted to chat with you about it! Please do get in touch.

I am also thrilled to share two of my upcoming events I have planned in the next couple of weeks. The first is our Free Women’s Health event on Wednesday 23rd June, and the next is my first in person Supper Club at Temperance On Tuesday 6th July. I am so looking forward to both. Please do join us if you can!

In the meantime, I hope to have given you an opportunity to pause and consider how you are currently approaching your own health and well-being.

If you feel like you would see how health coaching could benefit you, I would be delighted to offer you a free introductory session or if you simply prefer to chat about how I might be able to help please do get in touch here.

Health coaching might just give you the clarity you need. It will certainly empower you to take back control of your health, and well-being, and it might just open you up to a whole new world of opportunity and possibility……

Wishing you the very best of health for now.

I hope to see you soon,

Harriet x






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