Embracing the menopause with mindfulness and connection…..

This week I have just completed another 6 week group coaching program for women in the perimenopause and menopause. It has been a total privilege to witness the power of women connecting, sharing, learning and supporting each other.

The menopause can be a challenging time for women. However, it can also be a real opportunity to embrace new beginnings. When women are given the space and opportunity to become aware of what they need, they can start to make conscious choices. When they come together to do this, something quite magical happens!

I feel so strongly that achieving real health and wellbeing isn’t about reaching a particular goal. It is about making conscious and consistent choices that enable us to feel good, to engage in life and to  develop the resilience we need when we face the inevitable challenges in life.

These past few years have been challenging for everyone and many of the women in the group faced additional challenges throughout the 6 weeks. However, they carved out 90 minutes each week to come together, to learn, to share and to try new things and the results were beautiful to watch.

When people are given the space to reflect, they intuitively know what they need and often have the resources they need already. However, they are not always able to access it. Approaching everything with mindfulness makes anything possible.

The actions they took each week weren’t complicated fitness or diet regimes. They were tiny practices, such as practicing new breathing techniques, prioritising a healthy breakfast or lunch, embracing the morning light by walking in nature, practicing gratitude and creating new bed time routines.

However, this is where the power is for creating real resilient health. All these tiny simple practices have a powerful effect on our health and wellbeing. I have listened to many Doctors over the years talking about the power of lifestyle medicine and every time I am blown away by the simplicity of the advice. Stress, processed food, sedentary lifestyle and poor sleep all takes its toll on our health. Yet the alternative; reducing stress, eating real food, moving regularly and creating the opportunity to rest and sleep has the power to revolutionise our health and wellbeing. Its not complicated!

However, all the information in the world doesn’t create change. It’s taking action that matters and this is where the power of bringing people together comes in.

Human connection is a very powerful medicine in itself. When people connect and share their vulnerabilities, stories, experiences and gifts with each other, suddenly they don’t feel alone and so much more seems possible. It is such a privilege to do what I do. I am always inspired by all the wonderful women I meet along the way. It never fails to amaze me what can be achieved in 6 weeks when women come together.

However, this is just the beginning of the journey. In order to maintain this new mindful approach to their wellbeing, it is vital they continue to carve out some space to make this happen.

Committing to regular moments to pause is crucial if they are to maintain and develop the skills of conscious awareness and conscious choices.

I would urge everyone to ‘find the pause’ in the menopause as I have witnessed over and over the powerful impact it has.

I would also urge others to join me as I continue to bring like minded women together to support each other, share stories, learn and create healthy habits through my group coaching programs. Please do get in touch for more information on my next 6- week programs starting in September!







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