Life Lessons

Despite all the uncertainty at the moment, I imagine some of us may have also had a chance to pause, reflect, and begin to learn some life lessons from all of this.

We all react and respond to situations very differently and no doubt we will all be experiencing a wide range of emotions. I know I feel very lucky and grateful for everyone and everything in my life, and very grateful for all the key workers who are keeping the country going right now.

However, with that also comes a guilty feeling at times. Guilty for not being able to ‘do more’ to help, worry for all those people suffering from the virus, worry for all those people putting their lives at risk through their jobs, and worry for all the vulnerable people isolated at home. It is of course important that we are mindful of those who are really struggling at the moment, but I think it is also important to let go of things that are beyond our control, and to use this time to reflect and to learn.

I am so grateful to have a wonderful green space close to home that enables me to run in nature each morning. I saw very few people as I ventured out early this morning, but I did see a supermarket delivery driver and a care worker parking up for her shift at a care home. It was a poignant reminder of all that is happening as they both put on their face masks ready to take on their day.

I have stopped watching the news so much. I think we all have a good understanding of what is happening and what we need to do right now. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t forgotten to take some time to think about all those people putting on their masks and carrying out their vital roles.

For those of us who don’t have key worker roles, it is hard to get your head around the fact that you are doing your bit by ‘staying at home to save lives.’

However, I am learning to accept that this is what I must do, and to adapt to this new way of life.We are all trying to adapt to this new world by creating virtual versions of our ‘normal lives’ I decided to set up a virtual meet up via Zoom, with all the brilliant people I have met through my Healthy Supper Club. 

Nothing beats social interaction; the opportunity to chat and share ideas, and I am very grateful that Zoom offers a good alternative to the ‘real thing’. I have developed many wonderful friendships through the Supper Club, and it was so lovely to see and chat to many of them.

One of the themes that was discussed was about ‘slowing down.’ During the first week of lockdown many people were as busy as ever, but as the second week comes to a close, I think many people are finally trying to ‘slow down’, even if only a little….

I struggle with this concept myself a bit… there is always something we ‘should’ be ‘doing’ but now more than ever we have an opportunity to stop and realise that we are human ‘beings’ and try and ‘be’ rather than ‘doing’ all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I have far from mastered this art! I also know that it is not possible for me to wake up tomorrow and become that ‘chilled out hippy’ I always aspire to be! However, if we practice hard enough at anything, we can ‘be; or ‘do’ anything…

There is always so much to learn when you bring a group of people together to share ideas and the idea of the ‘Feel Better together’ weekly call is for people share how they are looking after their health and wellbeing and support each other at this unsettling time.  I’m sure that everyone on the call this week took away different things from it. My ‘take home’ was from an inspirational lady I have just recently reconnected with. She encouraged everyone to be gentler and kinder to themselves and to take the pressure off. We cannot become experts in ‘home schooling’ overnight. We can simply do our best, and we shouldn’t ask more of ourselves than that. I have listened to several podcasts lately, and one of them reminded me of the lovely ‘loving kindness meditation.’ which could be a brilliant daily practice for us all at the moment.

When you think of all those key workers, why not try and remember the words from this lovely meditation, but also remember to say these to yourself as well.

Part of my new daily ‘practice’ is 5 minutes yoga with Adrienne before I even consider what needs to be ‘done’ for the day, and she always shares her wisdom, which is often something like, ‘treat yourselves with kindness, and treat others the same way.’

There will be plenty more opportunities for us to learn from each other as we continue this weekly call, and I would encourage anyone who would like to, to join us.

I think this is a real opportunity for us to learn some important life lessons and ‘Feel Better Together.’ If you would like to join us this week, please do get in touch and I will be happy to send you the link.

Take care and look after yourselves

Harriet x









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