Rewriting the stories we tell ourselves…

We have all been really privileged to hear people’s stories on our weekly ‘Feel Better Together’ call. However, I found myself on the other side this week as I shared my own story.

I experienced the inevitable nerves but just took the lead from those that have gone before me and was able to tell my story and show my own vulnerability within the group.

I have a wonderful life and I am extremely grateful for it, but my work story has been a bit of a challenge. I have put myself under a lot of pressure to find this elusive job that I could be proud of. I have really enjoyed the experiences I have had since setting up ‘Harriet’s Healthy Kitchen’ and all the wonderful people I have met and worked with, but I have considered it very much a ‘hobby business’.

I guess I have always felt a sense of embarrassment and shame at not having achieved that elusive career and it has been exhausting at times trying to always be chasing it and to prove my worth…

The discussion that followed was therefore really helpful. Neil made a very important point that it is the bumps in the road that make life interesting, our challenges present us an opportunity to grow and develop, and Norman said I was ‘young’ with still plenty of time ahead of me!! However, Neil also said that my interpretation of what I have achieved work wise was quite different to how he viewed it, which was very kind. Sam also questioned what we view as success, and I have often tried to tell myself that ‘work isn’t everything.’ Indeed, in the wonderful book ‘The boy, the horse, the fox and the mole.’ which is full of wisdom… the boy asks, ‘What do you think success is? to which the mole replies ‘To Love’. And certainly, measured in this way, my life is full of success…

So, it is time to start ‘rewriting the story I am telling myself’. It is quite exhausting being in a place of ‘not enough’ and continually striving to do better. It is difficult though to access those unconscious beliefs we have held about ourselves for so long and it takes time to create a different storyline, but I can now see that it really is possible!

I have been so inspired by how others in the group have conquered their own challenges in life, very often though persistence, but also with a sense of curiosity, humour and a large dose of perspective. Taking a moment to pause gives us an opportunity to develop a greater awareness and to see things from a new perspective. I am very guilty of dashing about and trying to ‘fix things’. But not everything in life needs fixing. Sometimes we just need to learn to trust ourselves and stop trying too hard.

Music helps to take me out of my own head and provides real joy and relaxation. I am therefore excited that music is very much the theme of next week’s call. My lovely friend Donna Newton will be sharing her story and the impact that music has on her health and wellbeing. I can’t wait! Donna will be sharing one of her band’s songs for us to listen to and discuss. Please click on the link!

If you would like to join us please do click on the link, we would be delighted to see you! Feel Better Together call











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  1. Lovely post Harriet.. I’m sorry I missed the session. Your story is one in which you should be rightly proud of the teller.

    And I can’t wait to hear what the next chapter will bring. ?

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