The power of story telling: from vulnerability to deep connection, and hope

It was so wonderful to host the first Virtual version of my Healthy Supper Club this week, and to bring people back together again after so many months. I feel passionately about the power of social connection, and believe we can all learn so much from each other when we get together to share ideas and experiences.

I have always said that the Supper Club is about so much more than food, and this one illustrated that so very brilliantly. What started as a monthly event sharing healthy food, recipes, and healthy inspiration, has now transformed into an opportunity to for people to really connect and share real life stories.

I was delighted when the  wonderful Niki Falvy from IndulgDance Fitness agreed to be our first Virtual Guest speaker.  I have long admired her for so many reasons. I love her brilliant, joyful classes, her passion, and professionalism. However, what draws me so strongly to her is her deep sense of community in everything she does.

It was no surprise to hear what she described as her purpose with her business…..To teach women to be happy in body and mind, through the joy of movement, but also through connecting with a safe and supportive community, where women are encouraged to be themselves, and believe that anything is possible.

It was deeply moving when Niki shared her story with us. You see her deep sense of purpose comes from a difficult past where she faced real challenges with her own body image, self-worth. Unfortunately, she experienced pressure, overwhelm, and struggle from an early age. Having excelled in gymnastics she found herself on the Hungarian National Team at aged 14, but unfortunately the challenges she faced with her own body and mind prevented her from fulfilling  her childhood dream of making it to the Olympics, and she was forced to leave the sport at 16.

Her career has taken several twists and turns over the years, as has her physical and mental health, but with incredible strength and determination Niki has now achieved incredible things with IndulgDance Fitness, and as someone who regularly enjoys her classes I believe she has achieved everything she has set out to achieve and much more.

By sharing her story and expressing her vulnerability within the group on Thursday evening she will be helping more people than she may ever know.  By allowing herself to be so vulnerable will invite others to do the same, and by sharing what she described as her ‘weaknesses’, that we saw quite clearly to be her ‘strengths’, she resonated with many people on a very deep level. Being able to openly acknowledge our struggles is so incredibly important as it is only then that we can overcome them.

Her story is one of struggle of that there is no doubt, but it is also one of total inspiration and hope. She feels so strongly that we all deserve to enjoy happy and healthy lives, which I couldn’t agree more. Life is undoubtedly full of challenges. However, it is how we overcome these challenges that is key. If we can begin to treat ourselves with more kindness and compassion and let go of the constant struggle to prove our worth, then we have a real opportunity to embrace life and all the joy that it brings.

Clearly telling and sharing stories has an incredible power to connect people and provide support and comfort to others at a time when they may also be struggling. It is an incredible gift to give to others to know they are not alone, they are not ‘weak’ just human, with feelings and very human needs.

I know I speak on behalf of everyone who joined on Thursday when I say, ‘We are all so grateful for giving us that gift Niki Falvy.’

If you would like to try Niki’s huge variety of online classes please get in touch with her at IndulgDance Fitness. 

Please also get in touch if you would like to join us at January’s Virtual Supper Club, or are interested in being a guest speaker at a future date…

Thank you, and take care,

Harriet x

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