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Its been a busy start to the year for Harriet’s Healthy Kitchen and I am very grateful for some really enjoyable opportunities. We have had several batch cooking social events with the Happy Healthy Life team, and I cooked at a wonderful weekend yoga retreat. I am extremely grateful to Lisa Valentine, ( and to Elizabeth Bell,( for their support and total faith in my ability when mine was wavering for a while!

I have met and continue to meet many inspirational people along the way. One lady on the retreat manages her chronic pain with pilates and good nutrition and was a true example of taking control of her own health. I have recently also started volunteering at the brilliant ‘Helping hands’ community café which aims to help people turn their lives around and is run by some truly inspirational individuals.

I am so excited to be doing what I love and helping people in any small way to lead healthier lives. There is so much more awareness about the importance of healthier lifestyles thanks to the brilliant work of Dr Chatterjee and his colleagues. If you have listened to them already  please do tune into his fascinating podcasts. (

There are several more projects in the planning for Harriet Healthy Kitchen, and I am really looking forward to working with the lovely Emma Boswell (  and my wonderful friend and mindfulness expert Cathy on a ‘spring retreat’ in April.

Please do get in touch if you fancy joining us at our next batch cooking event or  taking some time out for yourself at the April retreat. Details to follow.. Go on, you deserve it.






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