The Sandwich

I have really enjoyed the long summer break. It’s been so lovely to have some real family time. It’s also been a chance to read, reflect and recharge the batteries, and I am now excited to get back to work with renewed energy and plenty of new ideas!

We had a wonderful holiday in Devon and ate some lovely food. However, what I found interesting was my children’s love of the freshly prepared baguettes in one café near Woolacombe Beach.

They chose granary baguettes & were given the option of butter or olive oil (they chose olive oil) and chose the Mediterranean option (chicken, mozzarella, fresh pesto, salad, tomato, roasted vegetables avocado, and basil)

I must agree, they were delicious. I am delighted my children enjoy this so much. I consider it a healthy choice, rich in fibre (wholegrain bread/veg), protein, (chicken and mozzarella), nutrient rich veg (tomato, salad, avocado, roasted veg) & healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, and fresh pesto)

I have always tried to make the most of the sandwich/ pitta I pack into their school packed lunch. I always make sure it contains plenty of fresh ingredients & plenty of salad.

However, what also really struck me on holiday was how satisfied this baguette made them. There were no accompanying snacks or treats. Just one satisfying baguette that kept them full up until their next meal. Don’t get me wrong, we had our fair share of treats on holiday, but we rarely snacked between meals.

So, it got me thinking about many things.

I have been reading and listening to many podcasts as per usual and had my own little rant at work about the importance of offering healthy choices (that’s another story), but I do think that the environment and social acceptance has a huge influence on our food choices.

I have spent many hours trying to find & create healthy alternatives for my kids packed lunches and now I wonder why! I am always conscious of not making the children feel deprived of treats and allowing them to eat food with is normal amongst their peers. I have tried so many different healthier flapjacks over the years and I am always trying to offer a healthier alternative to crisps by putting popcorn in their lunchboxes. However, I wonder why I just don’t put fruit & veg in it with that substantial sandwich. I have also felt that same pressure when I pick them up at the end of the day. However, when on the occasion I have turned up with an apple, they have just eaten it no question! Eating healthily is just about eating real, wholefoods & it really doesn’t need to be as complicated as perhaps I have made it at times! I know the benefits of eating a real wholefood diet. However, even I have felt this pressure of ‘social acceptance’ and it’s about time I just keep simple & feed my kids just that!

So, if you have kids and are struggling to know what to put in your child’s lunch box this term my advice is to really make that sandwich count!! Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. Fresh healthy ingredients are what it’s all about.














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