Be gentle with yourself & nurture yourself back to Health

These have been challenging times of that there is no doubt. However there is at last a glimmer of hope on the horizon. As the children return to school next week, many of us can start to re discover a small sense of normality, and begin to refuel the tank.

For some home schooling will have been rewarding and fulfilling, and for others a struggle and a source of constant self- criticism. Whichever it has been for you, I imagine it has taken its toll on your energy and resources.

As people start to look forward to the hope of a summer without restrictions, very often their thoughts turn to renewed health and vitality. And all too often people are tempted by quick fix diets and gruelling exercise regimes. However I think its really important now more than ever to instead  approach it with a sense of  calm and compassion. I’d like to invite you to nurture yourself gently back to health.

These have been challenging times, our resources are low, and restricting and punishing yourself with strict diets and intense exercise regimes, will only deplete you further….

I also believe wholeheartedly that their is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to health. Everyone is unique and given the chance to reflect, they intuitively know what lifestyle choices work for them.

This is where health coaching can be transformative for people. We can share plenty of evidence based advice on health, guidance and support. However it is ultimately the individual’s responsibility to turn that inspiration into action and create better health for themselves.

That is why it is so crucial that people start to understand that real health is a life long journey of learning and discovery. If we always focus solely on the end result we are really missing out. If we can give ourselves time and patience, we can re-discover healthy lifestyle habits that are meaningful  to us and most importantly enable us to create long term sustainable health. We also learn to associate healthy habits with pleasure. Because if you take a moment to ask yourself honestly, will you really stick to something that you don’t enjoy? I would say it is very unlikely.

So, I would love to invite you to start this journey with me, with my 6 week ‘Energy and Mood Boost’ program. I promise that if you start to consistently create small healthy habits for yourself that you enjoy, and are meaningful to you, you will really start to feel the benefits….

This is just the start of the journey though and there will be an opportunity to join my healthy community for continued inspiration, support, and accountability. After all true health and well-being comes from a lifelong journey of discovery. But it all starts though with small simple consistent habits…….

Be gentle with yourself and nurture your way back to health. I promise you won’t regret it.

Please click on the link for more information on my 6- week group program. This is also available on an individual basis. Please get in touch to book a complimentary one to one session first…


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