What makes your heart sing?

Dr Chatterjee has written in both hos books aout the importance of scheduling in some ‘me time’ into your routine.

Taking time out to do something that brings you joy can have a profound impact on your wellbeing.

This week we witnessed a magical example of this at the Supper Club.

We were extremely privileged to have the wonderful Jill Davies share her passion for music. She described music as not ‘what she does’ but ‘who she is.’ Clearly music brings her so much joy, from expressing herself in song writing, to sharing music with others through her teaching and by helping individuals and carers effected by dementia at the brilliant  ‘Forget me not’ music cafes where she works.

She is a real inspiration. As were the fantastic guests who were equally as passionate about music. Many of them sing in choirs and it was so inspiring to hear what an impact this has on their levels of happiness.

All of these people have made a conscious decision to make time each week to go to their choir. This is their essential ‘me time’ their weekly dose of ‘joy’.

Singing won’t be for everyone, others might prefer reading, cooking, art, dance… whatever it is.. it is clearly so important to make time for moments of joy.

So, I invite you all to give yourself permission today to do whatever makes your heart sing and you will reap the benefits on your health & wellbeing.

The Supper Club was actually inspired by Dr Chatterjee’s ‘Feel Better, Live More’ podcasts  and aims to bring in a wide range of experts on health and wellbeing to share their knowledge and experiences and to leave people inspired.

The food is a catalyst but, the Supper Club is about so much more than food. It is about connecting with people and giving people an opportunity to learn and be inspired but, also to give them a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Come along and join us at a future Supper Club. We’d be delighted to see you.

Please click on the link to follow our facebook page for info on upcoming events…

Harriet’s Healthy Supper Club

We really hope you can join us soon!

In the meantime if you’d like to join Jill for an uplifting singing experience you can join her in Foundry woods, Leamington Spa every Wednesday morning.

For more info click on the link Singing for joy. Or for more info contact Jill at thisbirdsings@icloud.com.







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