More lesson’s from lock-down.. the power of people and possibility…

So, I have enjoyed some special moments over the last couple of weeks, and that is because I’ve been doing what I love best and that is bringing people together.

I have always said that we can learn so much from other people, and the virtual Supper Club last week was such a beautiful illustration of this. We were all privileged to hear Greg Weston share his story with us. Greg suffered a life-threatening brain injury, which left him severely disabled. However, through many years of rehabilitation, and many dark moments, he is now living an independent life and doing everything he can to help others.

I would encourage everyone to listen to his inspirational story here… Greg’s story We were all so moved by his open and honest account.  However, what will always stay with me is when he said ‘I am glad my accident happened to me. I am a nicer person because of it, and now have a real purpose in life.’ He was also asked what his one piece of advice for anyone would be, and that was ‘be grateful’. He said prior to his accident he had a very good life, but he just didn’t appreciate it.

I would like to think that I have always been a glass half full person. However, there is no better reminder when someone says, ‘ I am just so grateful to be alive.’

And there is no better time to be telling this story. Life has been challenging for everyone this past year, and Greg’s story of overcoming adversity can be a real inspiration to us all right now.

I personally feel that the greatest lessons I have learnt in life are from the people I have met and continue to meet along the way. Everyone has a story to tell, or an experience to share that can resonate and inspire us like nothing else can.  We are all human, with a need for connection and belonging, and I really believe we need each other more than ever before.

I also believe that it is important to reach out to others in any way we can right now. Human connection has such a profound impact on our well-being.

The supper club is very special to me, and I am so grateful that technology still enables us to connect… The food might be off the table, but real human connection is still possible!

I also finished my first group coaching program this week. This also beautifully demonstrated the power of bringing people together to connect and share ideas. It was so wonderful to witness the support, information and experiences that everyone shared.

I am really looking forward to the day when we can all come together round the table to eat, laugh and learn together, and to the day when I can run face to face group coaching sessions.

However, in the meantime, I would love to invite you to join me in virtual form. It is not quite as good as the real thing, but it comes a very close second!

My next group coaching course starts on Tuesday 16th March, and the Supper Club is on the 31st March. Please click on the links below for more details and to book your place.

Harriet’s Healthy Supper Club

6- week ‘Nurture your well-being’ group coaching course

I am also still offering free 1:1 introductory health coaching session, so please share this link with anyone who is looking to gain clarity around how to nurture their health & well-being… Thank you.

Free Introductory 1:1 Health Coaching session

People need people of that there is no doubt. Despite everything that is going on, I believe we all still have the ability to reach out to others, to connect, to laugh, to cry, to  share our concerns and our hopes with, or simply to just offer our support.

Life is hard right now, but it won’t last forever, and we can all help each other come through this.

Greg’s story touched us all last week and there are many lessons to learn from it, but to me it showed that we really can overcome adversity in life. Greg believes passionately that ‘nothing is impossible.’ , and his remarkable story is certainly an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Greg, very much.

If you would like to reach out and connect with Greg please click on the link…

Greg’s Facebook page

Take good care, Harriet x


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