‘What do you need to let go of?’

I ask a lot of questions these days in my role as a health coach.

However I think I am only now beginning to understand the real significance of this important question.

What do you need to let go of?’

Creating new healthy habits is great, but the first step is to create space, and to let go of choices that are no longer serving us.

However, sometimes we lack clarity around what we need to let go of……

So the starting point is to create stillness and space to cultivate awareness…

Sometimes what we need to let go of might be as simple as clearing out the cupboard of unhealthier foods to make space for the healthier option.

However, it is very often more complex and it might be our own self- limiting beliefs, or negative thoughts that are blocking us from living the life we want right now.

Negative emotions are uncomfortable which is why people often try to push them down, rather than acknowledge them. However, over time  these emotions can get trapped in our body and can have a detrimental impact on our health and wellbeing.

This is why ‘letting go’ is just so crucial.

However,  very often these thoughts and beliefs are outside of our conscious awareness, which is why having a coach or alternative therapist can be so valuable in helping people to create change. It also takes time and patience, which is also why reaching out for support can be so important.

As a health coach I help people get clarity around how they are currently approaching their health and wellbeing and help them to let go of habits that are no longer serving them in order to create healthier habits. We explore many different aspects of health and wellbeing such as food, movement, sleep and relaxation, as well as all the other areas that are important to an individuals wellbeing such as their relationships and social connections…

However, sometimes people may need additional support with their mental and emotional health, or to ‘let go’ of  blockages through other ways, such as movement practices such as yoga, or energy healing practices, such as reiki and quantum healing.

I am therefore so grateful to Niki Wakeman for her beautiful Reiki and quantum healing session at last months supper club. Niki has over 20 years experience in Healing , massage, reflexology, body alignment, reiki and NLP and coaching. As well as addressing an individuals physical, mental and emotional health, Niki also supports people with their spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual practices such as  Reiki are so powerful for helping people to let go of  blocked energy, and enabling people to letting go …. Please do click on the link to contact Niki to find out more…..

I am now really looking forward to the next Supper club, with psychotherapist Hannah Bailey from Blue Light Wellbeing.

Hannah has a very powerful and inspiring story to share, including her remarkable recovery from late stage breast cancer.  She feels that the extreme levels of trauma she experienced whilst working in the Police was the root cause of her cancer.

She is now passionate about Brain Working Recursive Therapy (a particular form of psychotherapy) because it has enabled her to let go of her post traumatic stress and to embrace life with both hands again. I find Hannah so inspiring and love watching her ‘dance like no- body’s watching’ at our brilliant weekly fit- steps class! To me she is someone who has not only survived but is very much thriving!

Please do join us at the Supper Club to hear more about Hannah’s incredible story and the powerful work she does now to support others. Please click on the link to book your ticket here.

In the meantime, if you are trying to make healthy changes, I would invite you to ask yourself…

‘What do you need to let go of?’,


What’s stopping you from living the life you want right now?’


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