When you change your habits.. you change your life…

Change isn’t easy in any aspect of life, least of all when it comes to health.

Many people feel like choosing the healthy option is something they ‘should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’ done…..

However, the unhealthy choice is very often easier, and more convenient.

We have to make a conscious decision to choose the healthier option.

And that is exactly what my coaching clients have done over the past few months. When they made that conscious choice they experienced  huge benefits, and at times, life-changing results.

The first step was to say YES to prioritising their health and well being.

Many people do not prioritise their health. I listened to a brilliant inspirational speaker at a conference recently and one analogy he used has really stuck with me.  He said we are often juggling many balls at the same time in our busy lives. He said that some will bounce but others are glass and if we drop them we will be in trouble…. I would invite you to consider what your glass balls are… His were his health, his family, and his work. Whatever those 3 glass balls look like to  you, one of them must be health. Without our health, we will be unable to live our lives to the full.

I have so enjoyed working with my coaching clients as I witnessed the wonderful impact that occurs when they said YES to their health and self care.

I am also thrilled that I have been able to guide them, and celebrate their successes with them in a way I have never been able to before.

For years I have been trying to inspire people to make healthy choices for themselves. However, I always questioned whether that inspiration ever led to lifestyle change, especially long term change.

I am so grateful to have invested in a brilliant health coaching training, and to now be skilled in helping people make real, sustainable change. I am passionate about a holistic approach to health and also in helping people make  healthy choices that are meaningful to them rather than a one size fits all approach, and this is what health coaching is all about!!

My clients have expressed improvements in many areas of their lives, from improved sleep, better physical and mental health, to improvements in their relationships. However, what makes me happier than anything is to have witnessed them being kinder to themselves.

They didn’t follow drastic diet plans, or set themselves huge fitness goals. On the contrary, they learnt to be more relaxed around food and exercise. They made small simple changes, but they made them HABITS. One client has discovered that giving himself permission for 20 minutes ‘me time’ a day has a huge impact on his general well-being and happiness. Taking time during the day to relax is vitally important for our health. The other thing that was wonderful to witness was the ripple effect that happens from taking that first decision to say YES to health. That first step that might be as simple as a 10 minute morning routine, can be enough to motivate someone to continue to make a number of other healthy choices throughout the day. The accumulation of these healthy choices then has a wide ripple effect on many other areas in their lives, and the people around them.

I am thrilled to have said YES to coaching and would invite you to say YES to your health. I would be delighted to help you discover the healthier, happier version of you!

I am now offering individual and group coaching programmes, and am delighted to be soon bringing a new virtual supper club back. I will also be creating a new monthly membership club to offer ongoing support to my coaching clients as well as a membership option to bring all my services together in one supportive community.

I am so excited and would be thrilled to talk to you about it. Please click on my new website link for more information and to get in touch! Take good care. Harriet x

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  1. Just brilliant!!!! You’re a great coach & I know you’ll have a huge positive impact on so many people helping them take small steps on their own individual journey. You’ve already massively helped me to set aside headspace to think differently. Well done mrs xx

    1. Thanks Catherine!!! It’s all about seeing new possibilities and choices!!So glad you are finding it helpful 😊

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