Everyone has a story to tell! ‘In celebration of Jessica Mooney..’

There was a lot of love and admiration for my lovely friend Jessica Mooney and founder of Bread for Life at the Supper Club last night.

We all enjoyed learning how to make chapatis over zoom before hearing her inspiring story.

Jess’s story demonstrates beautifully how adverse life events can change the course of our lives. When people face challenges in life, it can be an opportunity to pause and reflect and really get perspective on what is important. However, it is the choices that we make at this point that determines what path we take.

Luckily Jess chose to follow her heart and has now turned what started out as a hobby into a brilliant business!

It has been wonderful to witness her ever evolving story unfold. She started baking bread in her kitchen at home, which developed into baking on a commercial level. She then started teaching friends how to bake and developed this into the most wonderful baking workshops in various locations in Warwickshire.

She has worked tirelessly, and by continually pushing herself outside her comfort zone she has collaborated repeatedly with different people, and on different projects. Her creativity and courageousness have meant that she is constantly adapting to changing circumstances. When lock-down hit I was so inspired to watch her as she went from running workshops to baking for the NHS and writing her first book! She is now baking for a local deli and is slowly bringing back her wonderful workshops as lock- down starts to ease.

She is keen to point out that it hasn’t been easy, but that it has been a rewarding journey in so many ways.

I love so much of what she shared with us last night. She is passionate about people, and empowering people to learn skills is central to her work now and gives her a real sense of purpose.

We were all so inspired by what she has achieved to this point and are as keen to see what happens next in this wonderfully inspiring story….

If you would like to read more about Jess’s story, please do follow her on her social media to find out when you can buy her book. It is due to arrive in the UK any day now, and I can’t wait to get my copy!

Alternatively if you are inspired to try your hand at baking please do visit her website for details on all her workshops. 

Or if  you simply want to start by tasting some of her delicious bread, please do pop along to Casa Valle in Leamington to buy yourself a loaf! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much Jess for sharing your story with us. I hope you enjoyed a moment to pause and celebrate just how much you have achieved. (I imagine this is a challenge as we all witnessed how remarkably humble, she is despite everything she has achieved.)

We can all learn so much from Jess in so many ways. Her story demonstrates so beautifully the power of a positive outlook , of seeing possibilities, and saying yes to opportunities in life. It also demonstrates how important connection, collaboration, and empowering people with life skills is for giving true meaning and purpose to our lives.

If you enjoy connecting with like-minded people, hearing from inspiring speakers and sharing ideas, please do join us at the next Supper Club, which will hopefully be an in person event!! I am so excited! Please follow my Facebook page for all the details on upcoming events, and please get in touch if you are interested in being a guest speaker at a future event! Thank you! Harriet x



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  1. Harriet, what a wonderful summary you’ve written there. Thank you for your supper clubs, great fun (although I think I did cry at one point!?) and thank you for always supporting people in such a positive, nurturing way.

    1. Thanks Jess! Thank you for all your support too! I’m sorry if it made you cry! Its just because there was so much admiration for you!! Please, please take a moment to celebrate yourself for everything you have achieved! Its so important! xx

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